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Westmalle Trappist Dubbel

Westmalle Dubbel first brewery built-in 1836. It bottled in a 33cl and 75cl container, the 33cl neck is adorned with a ring which carries Westmalle inscription, it contains about 7% alcohol. The beer is brewed with Barley malt, Sugar, Hops, Yeast and Wate

Leffe Brown

Leffe products are among the best Belgian beer. Leffe Brown has a soft, creamy flavor with delicate bitterness. It has yeasty, coffee and chocolate aromas. The beer has a deep ruby to dark brown appearance with a white head when you pour it.

Grimbergen Winter

Grimbergen Winter is an ideal beer for the cold winters. It has a dark, ruby red color and a thick, white head. It has a full and round flavor with hints of spices and caramel. This beer has warming aftertaste!
€3,60 €2,88

St Louis Kriek Lambic

€1,60 €1,20

Achel Blond

Enjoy a refreshing drink with this fruity and pale trappiest ale from Belgium. Alchel Blond has 8% alcohol content, boast of a slightly bitter taste and an aroma which is a perfect blend of hops, yeasts, malts and several varieties of fruits.

Vleteren 8° Brown Port Barrel

Vleteren 8 A° Brown Port Barre is a quality drink with brownish yellow color and a light brown head. It has a malty bittersweet taste. It is prepared four different malty grain and two varieties of hops. The beer has a pronounced fruity and honey flavor,

La Trappe Trappist Isid'or

La Trappe Isid’or gives you a perfect blend of floral, fruity, and herbal aroma. It is an excellent balance of simplicity and complexity. It has a fruity and malty caramel flavor. La Trappe Isid’or pours an amber color with a white foam head. It has an al

Barbar Bok

Barbar Bok is a Belgian honey beer with a strong aroma. The dark ale has a combination of spicy, fruity, malty, and chocolate flavor. It has a brown to dark amber pour with a cream head. It has an inviting aroma of spices, sweet dark fruits, and bready Be

Abbaye de Forest Blond

A subtle scented aroma followed by a light bitter taste. The Abbaye de Forest carries the taste buds with fruity impressions of raisins and ends with a pleasant spicy bitter finish.

Sint-Bernardus Abt 12

Sint-Bernardus Abt 12 has a wide recognition as one of the best beer in the world. It has a dark golden-brown color with a thick ivory head. It is well fermented and offers you a fruity aroma due to the company’s unique yeast used to brew it. It has a rou

Hoegaarden Grand Cru

Hoegaarden Grand Cru has a sweet-bitter taste with subtle citrus and spice notes. It pours golden-orange color with a thick creamy head. It is light despite its 8.7% alcoholic content. It is well fermented and re-ferments in the bottle.

Diôle Noël 33cl

Artisanal Christmas beer of high fermentation, refermented in bottle with ingredients 100% natural from the local soil. Elaborated from 4 different hops, without spices or adjuvants, this beer will seduce you with its fruity notes.
€2,85 €2,00

With over 2000 different sorts of beer, Belgium is the country with the biggest selection of beers! We offer you a wide selection of Belgian beers to taste & discover at home. A big variety of colours & types of beer: Belgian beer for the amateur and passionate beer lovers.

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Best belgian beers!
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