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Abbaye de Forest Blond 33cl

A subtle scented aroma followed by a light bitter taste. The Abbaye de Forest carries the taste buds with fruity impressions of raisins and ends with a pleasant spicy bitter finish.

Abbaye de St. Martin Blond 33cl

Abbaye de St. Martin Blond is a golden beer with a strong foam. A round, balanced and full flavour taste. It is floral, elegant and direct. The aftertaste has a noble bitterness.

Abbaye de St. Martin Triple 33cl

Abbaye de St. Martin Tripel has a golden colour with a strong abd fine-foam edge. It has a supple, round and full rich flavor. The impression of a delicacy in the mouth comes before the thirst-quenching impression. A beer to taste!

Abbaye des Rocs Blond 33cl

A slightly amber and fairly cloudy blonde. Fruity and spicy flavours. A slightly acid citrus taste combined with hints of herbs and honey. A fruity and spicy blonde beer. The ingenious blend of fruity flavours gives it a freshness and a slightly acid citr
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Achel Blond 33cl

Achel Blond is a Belgian Trappist brewed at the in the Trappist Abbey of Sint-Benedictus in Achel. It has a hazy golden color. A nice white head and a hoppy aroma with a little touch of caramel. It has a full and refined flavor, lightly hoppy with hi...

Adelardus Triple 33cl

Adelardus Tripel is a typical tripel ale with a yellow-orange color and a full taste. The brewery uses “gruut” in their brewing process. This combination gives this beer its very own flavor. Adelardus Tripel has a full and round flavor with some hints of

Affligem 1074 33cl

Affligem 1074 has clear notes of citrus, followed by a fresh fruity character with banana hints. The malt gives soft notes of sweet bread and nuts. Finishing on fresh and light bitter notes.

Affligem Blond 33cl

Affligem Blond has an intense yellow color and it pours a thick white head. It is a nicely balanced beer with a round flavor with hints of fruits and a more bitter aftertaste where one can distinguish the hops.

Affligem Triple 33cl

Affligem Tripel is an amber colored triple abbey beer. It has a nice bitterness and an alcohol content of 9.5%. This beer has won several international prizes. It has won, amongst others, the World Beer Cup in 2004 and 2008, and European Beer Star 2006.

Antigoon 33cl

Antigoon is a golden beer with a creamy head of fine bubbles. Yeast, spices and fruits in the aromas. Average carbonation and medium body. Taste is more on the sweet side with honey and fruity notes but a light to medium bitterness.

Arabier 33cl

Arabier is a blond top fermentation beer by craft brewery De Dolle Brouwers with a nice golden color and it pours a thick white head. The dry-hopping gives the beer a bitter flavor and aftertaste. A very refreshing beer!

Barbe Noël 33cl

"Barbe Noël" is a beer of a higher category and is brewed with water, malt, hops and yeast. The stamwort content of the "Barbe Noël" is at 16 Hl ° Plato.
The light burned malts give the deep golden blond color. The spicy hops the fresh bitter taste. Aft

Bastogne Pale Ale 33cl

Bastogne Pale Ale is a lager, type IPA. It has a slightly hazy golden color with a white head. Aromas of caramel, malt and fresh earthy hops. The Taste is light, fresh, malty with lots of noble hops.

Blond Beers are often golden-yellow in color mostly top-fermented beers. The taste and flavor may vary from fruity to real bitter. Several styles of beer contain blond beers: IPA (Indian Pale Ale), Pale Ale, Hops beer & tripel beers. Some famous Belgian blond beers are: Augustijn Blond, Ename Blond, Grimbergen Blond, Kappitel Blond, La Trappe Blond, Leffe Blond, Omer & Tongerlo Blond.

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Best belgian beers!
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